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Airport Baggage Handling and Screening Consultant Dr WJ Hill


Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Athens International Airport. Photographs taken by W. Hill during the years that he lived in Malaysia and Greece, managing construction, preparations for opening, and then operation of these two airports.












Welcome to the Web site of

William J Hill PhD, BSc, CEng MINucE AMIMechE


Photograph of Dr WJ Hill, consultant in airport baggage handling and hold baggage screening, including automated baggage handling systems and manual handling and screening.








Design, Construction and Operations Specialist,

Independent Consultant




This is the Web site of airport hold baggage handling and screening consultant Dr WJ Hill, a specialist in the design, construction and operation of airport baggage handling systems, in 100% HBS ( hold baggage screening ), and in manual hold baggage handling and screening. He is knowledgeable in operational and technical aspects, and can provide consultancy on a wide range of BHS ( baggage handling system ) and HBS related matters, construction management of a BHS, and a number of other services as detailed on the Web site. If you are building or upgrading a baggage sorting system or baggage sorting systems, then Dr Hill can provide his services. He can also be hired on a long-term basis to set-up and manage an operations department, prepare for operational readiness prior to the opening of an airport or terminal, manage technical departments, and other projects.







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