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Airport Baggage Handling and Screening Consultant Dr WJ Hill



Photographs will be added to this page from time to time.



*  Athens International Airport


*  Kuala Lumpur International Airport


*  Madrid Barajas Airport


*  Munich Airport


*  Passenger Terminal Expo 2004 conference




Athens International Airport

Dr Hill’s staff

The staff of the Airport Company’s Baggage Handling System & Services department, outside the tug entrance to the south baggage hall. This photograph was taken in February 2001, before the airport opened. W. Hill is on the far left.

Group photograph of the Airport Company's Baggage Handling System & Services operations department.


View from the roof of the Airport Fire Station

With assistants M. Rumpf and K. Pendakalos on the roof of Building 33 in December 1999. The main terminal building and control tower are in the distance.

Photograph of Dr Hill and his assistants on the roof of the airport's fire station, with the control tower and terminal buildings in the distance.


BHS control room

With assistant in the BHS control room in the south baggage hall, October 2000.

Photograph of Dr Hill with one of his assistants, in the BHS control room in the south baggage hall at Athens International Airport.


The first airliner to land at the new airport

A few minutes after the landing of the first airliner at the new airport on 23 January 2001, as part of the build up to the opening on 28 March 2001.

Photograph of Dr Hill on the apron, with the first airliner to land at the airport in the background. This was an Olympic Airways 737. Behind is a large crowd of people from the Airport Company, Olympic Airways and the Press.


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Kuala Lumpur International Airport

New Straits Times, 5 September 1997

This photograph from the Malaysian New Straits Times newspaper shows a tour by the Minister of Works, Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu, of the check-in area during trial operations. The Minister is in the front row without a hardhat, and W. Hill is standing to the left of him with Ir Liang Hian Ching, Senior Construction General Manager of KLIA Berhad.

Photograph from the New Straits Times in 1997 showing the Malaysian Minister of Works, Dr Hill and others during a tour of the new KLIA while trial operation was in progress before the airport opened. The photograph is taken from behind the check-in area, looking over the baggage handling system conveyors.


KLIA Berhad site offices, Sepang

With assistant, mechanical engineer Yahana Abbas in December 1998, five months after the airport opened.

Photograph of Dr Hill, Senior Manager BHS & PCPS, and assistant at the KLIAB Sepang offices.


Weekly inspection of installation

Performing a site inspection of the installation progress of the Passenger Check-in Processing System in a gate lounge, September 1997.

Photograph of Dr Hill making a site inspection of the installation progress of the PCPS (Passenger Check-in Processing System) in a gate lounge, as part of his construction management duties.


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Madrid Barajas Airport

Testing of the Baggage Handling System

Observing the progress of the contractor’s tests in the Satellite Building for Terminal 4.

Dr Hill observing the progress of construction and testing in the Terminal 4 Satellite Building


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Munich Airport

Verification of bag routing at end-user trial

Checking bag routing against computer records, after an end-user trial in January 2003.

Photograph showing Dr Hill and a colleague from the Munich Airport Company, checking bag tags from an operational trial against computer records.


The first departure from Terminal 2

The first aircraft to depart from the new terminal on 29 June 2003, just a few minutes before push back.

Photograph of the first departing aircraft from Terminal 2 at Munich Airport, taken by Dr Hill just a few minutes before push back.


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Passenger Terminal Expo 2004

Baggage in the 21st Century – Management, Technology and Security

Speaking about the operational readiness of the Baggage Handling System in Terminal 2, Munich Airport.

Dr Hill speaking at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2004 conference about the operational readiness of the BHS in Terminal 2, Munich Airport


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